30 ‘The Bachelor’ Villains And Why We Love to Hate Them

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5. Taylor Nolan

You probably remember Taylor mostly from her terribly uncomfortable two-on-one date with Nick and Corrine. You might also remember her for telling Corrine she had low emotional intelligence, or for bragging about smart she was all the time.

Although she wasn’t as flamboyant a villain as her castmate, Corinne, she was awfully unlikeable. She was mostly disliked for her elitist condescension, but when pitted against the young, free-spirited Corinne, she came off as stuffy and judgmental.  She may have been the best thing since sliced bread, but nobody loves a snob, and Taylor totally came off that way.

Taylor spoke about her snotty comments to Corinne about her emotional maturity. She said, “I’ve definitely gotten some hateful things online, which a lot of the girls have, mine just happen to be… more about my professional life, which is really unfortunate because I was not on The Bachelor as a counselor. None of the girls there were my clients. So no one really has any credibility to judge my professionalism as a counselor based on what happened on the show.”

Taylor doesn’t really seem like the type to go to Pad or Paradise, so it’s unlikely we’ll get to know as anything other than that uppity mental health worker who diagnosed Corinne on national television.