30 ‘The Bachelor’ Villains And Why We Love to Hate Them

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9. Jake Pavelka

Those of you who thought Jake was a decent human during his stint on Jillian’s season, all you had to do to be dissuaded from this opinion was wait. It became clear he didn’t deserve our encouragement. He went from being the dorky underdog who was bullied by his fellow contestants and jilted by Jillian, to a closet jerk who had very little regard for the women in his life.

On his season of The Bachelor, fans quickly grew weary with his douchey swagger and condescension. He talked down to the women, and his general attitude of entitlement and expectation made him hard to love. Still, fans stuck it out during his season until he finally committed the worst grievance of them all: he picked the wrong girl.

Blowing off Ali Fedotowsky for the sultry, openly thirsty Vienna was something audiences couldn’t forgive. While they were canoodling and groping, fans watched as Vienna alienated the other girls, threw herself at Jake in all sorts of embarrassing ways, and acted like a spoiled brat.

He finally wound up picking Vienna and they went on to date for a few minutes after the show ended. Jake took his obligatory turn on Dancing With The Stars. Fans of the dating franchise and dancing competition looked on in horror as Jake actually broke down in tears when he lost. There’s no coming back from that.