30 ‘The Bachelor’ Villains And Why We Love to Hate Them

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10. Rozlyn Papa

It just doesn’t get much juicier than Rozlyn Papa’s fall from Jake’s grace. He seemed really into her during his season, but she had her sights set on someone else. This someone just so happened to be a producer on the reality show, and she was caught red-handed.

Remember, this was when we still thought Jake was a pretty good catch and were rooting pretty hard for him to find love. Catching Rozlyn skulking out of another man’s hotel room – a producer, no less – was tantamount to cheating in audience’s eyes, and she quickly became one of the most reviled villains in Bachelor history .

As you can imagine, it caused quite the controversy, causing both Rozlyn and producer to be asked to leave. Although she denies they were anything more than “good friends,” Chris Harrison has a different perspective. He said publicly, “She had a physical relationship with a producer on our show.” Harrison went on adamantly, “You cannot do that. There is no gray area … Other girls on the show saw it. The producer confessed more than once and to more than one person. I cannot make it any clearer.”

Needless to say, Jake didn’t linger much longer in his crush for Rozlyn after seeing the footage of her slinking down the hallway wearing the same clothes she went out in.