30 ‘The Bachelor’ Villains And Why We Love to Hate Them

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11. Ed Swiderski

Ed may have been the winner of Jillian’s heart, but he didn’t stay in America’s heart forever. Sure, everybody cheered when he came back from elimination to be with Jillian, but their love story didn’t last very long as rumors about his philandering with other women started to gain momentum. Pretty soon rumors started flying about all his extra curriculars, and he and Jillian soon broke up. Jillian went on to do much  better than Ed, but he kept on showing his true colors long after the final rose was given.

He didn’t work so hard to redeem himself and continued his womanizing on his season of Bachelor Pad. He bounced from one contestant’s bed to the next. He really made the rounds. However, when it became pretty obvious that he and fellow Padder, Jaclyn were starting something, he flatly denied it. Even though it was pretty obvious the two had something going on, he wanted to keep those options open, I guess.

If all the tv action wasn’t enough for Ed, there was talk of a girlfriend at home, waiting for him to return from his 15 minutes. He was just an all-around gross guy who apparently never had anyone sit him down and teach him how to treat a woman. Especially on TV.