30 ‘The Bachelor’ Villains And Why We Love to Hate Them

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12. David Good

Any man so insistent on keeping the “man code” is suspect in my opinion. Perhaps on testosterone overload, David came really hard after fellow contestant, Juan Barbieri when they shared the screen during Jillian’s season.

David got far too angry about Juan pretending to take a shot in order to fit in. In fact, he was so mad at Juan for his perceived grievance, he told David he wanted to “beat the shit” out of him. This makes far less sense out of context than it did at the time, and even then it seemed strange and antiquated behavior for a show about dating. Of course, we can probably blame said shots for David’s obnoxious behavior, but I’m sure there was some pre-existing machismo.

David’s general demeanor could be characterized as “dude bro with a chip on his soldier” and I’m sure he was really popular in his frat in college. However, he was wildly disliked by the other contestants on Jillian’s season. He also had some pretty clunky game. He came in too hot when it came time to kiss Jillian, and it seems like he might need a crash course on reading signals.

David’s rep went through a major rehab while he appeared on Bachelor Pad. He came back a much more mellow dude, with far less “bro” about him. He fit in a lot better with those folks than he did on the set of Jillian’s season 5.