30 ‘The Bachelor’ Villains And Why We Love to Hate Them

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13. Vienna Girardi

As Vienna edged her way to frontrunner status, she became more and more reviled by the other girls. It was mostly her snarky comments about the other girls, in particular, fellow contestant Ali Fedotowsky. Vienna taunted her and sought her out as an antagonist as a strategy to win Jake’s heart.

Vienna was openly competitive with the other girls. Sources from inside the season say she would “shake her boobs” in Jake’s face. Also, sources remember, “Vienna would always thank us for coming to her ‘bachelorette’ or ‘engagement party,’ then tell us we were all going home. Ali [Fedotowsky] would just call her out on it.”

The show pitted nice-girl Ali against the bad attitude named Vienna, and audiences ate it up. The more outrageous Vienna became with her aggressive attention seeking, the more demure Ali seemed. Jake never really realized what was going on with the girls behind the scenes, although if he had, he probably would have made Ali his number one choice.

She couldn’t really blame her bad behavior on bad editing, either. After the show was over, and Jake finally proposed, the drama just kept on rolling in. Jake accused her of cheating on him in the months following the proposal, which caused a lot of bad press for them both.

After Jake, Vienna went on to date her Bachelor Pad co-star Kasey Kahl. These two dated for awhile, but naturally had a pretty public breakup with Vienna declaring, “I can’t fake it anymore.”