30 ‘The Bachelor’ Villains And Why We Love to Hate Them

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16. Justin Rego

This winner used his moments on Ali Fedotowsky season as a spring board for his wrestling career. Nicknamed “Rated-R” Rego (insert eye roll here), he thought getting to the top three would launch his entertainment pro wrestling career ahead.

When Ali discovered his plan, and the girlfriend he left at home, she confronted him. She gave any pro-wrestler a run for their money, coming hard at him. She shouted, “It’s unspeakable what you’ve done!” she fumes in the above clip. “I came here to find a husband, and you’re f****** with that?!”

For a professional wrestler, known for being tough in the face of pressure, Justin didn’t really handle Ali’s confrontation very well. In fact, he actually ran away from it. At the sight of Justin’s flight, Ali goes in even harder.

She cries, “”You’re seriously going to walk away from me? This is how you want to be perceived? You’re gonna regret this!” This is perhaps the most fun I’ve had watching this show up to this point. But things only get better.

Justin’s actual girlfriend calls Ali, claiming they’ve both been tricked. She tells Ali, “He assured me that when he got back, we’d start our plans to get married. And I believed him. Girlfriend Jessica, added, “Rego told her he was just going on the ABC show solely to further his wrestling career. Saying, ‘He said going on the show would benefit the both of us. He wanted to get into the top three because he’d be well known.’