30 ‘The Bachelor’ Villains And Why We Love to Hate Them

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17. Kelsey Poe

On the surface, Kelsey Poe might look harmless and mild mannered, but don’t be fooled by the sensible bob and whimsical scarves. Kelsey Poe is gross. She used the story of her dead husband to get Chris Soules’ attention and then bragged about how “great” her story is. Just no.

Chris had his hands full on his season. Between the queen of the dramatic crying jag, Ashley I., onion enthusiast Ashley S., and black widow Kelsey, he had it rough. Chris wound up sending Ashley I. home on a two-on-one with Kelsey, and things only go weirder from there.

Kelsey waited until the exact right time to tell Chris about her husband’s death, but her delivery was cryptic and strange. She uttered, “I know what I need to do,” right before she delivered the news, and audiences collectively worried about Chris’ saftey. She was a strange one.

She didn’t think there was anything creepy about her approach, saying, “Isn’t my story amazing?! It’s tragic but it’s amazing. I love my story.”  I mean… is this how you break the news about a dead spouse?

When her “amazing” story wasn’t enough, she totally faked a panic attack in the house. When things weren’t going her way, she pretended to lose it, and wasn’t even really all that convincing. She told the paramedics she would surely get a rose for her troubles, and it was that moment when she lost audiences (and Chris).