30 ‘The Bachelor’ Villains And Why We Love to Hate Them

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22. Olivia Caridi

It’s my opinion that so much of what we view as “villainous” behavior is mostly just a result of the women drinking too much, not getting enough outside stimuli, and the heated nature of competition. Such is the case for Olivia Caridi. Sure, she said some dumb things, but I think some convenient editing turned her into a villain that she wasn’t really prepared to be.

Most of her gaffes were pure comedy. Even her facial expressions got the internet’s attention. She just couldn’t manage to keep her mouth from flying open when ever she felt any kind of emotion. I think she might have been a little more self-aware than folks gave her credit for, declaring “deep, intellectual things are my jam.” This feels like she’s making fun of herself a little, and that folks weren’t really in on the joke.

However, some of her jokes got a little mean-spirited, and she got the reputation of being kind of self-centered. She told fellow contestant, and single mom, that her life sounded like an episode of Teen Mom, and didn’t really back down when the hyenas ascended. She also spent her one on one time complaining about her “cankles” instead of consoling Ben about the loss of his good friends. Even when the insults got mean and  the other ladies went after her physical appearance, Olivia leapt right in on the joke and wasn’t afraid to take herself a little less seriously, even if it left her looking a little tone deaf.