Chris Soules Arrest Isn’t His First: ‘Bachelor’ Star Has History Of Alcohol-Related Arrests


The Bachelor star Chris Soules is sitting in jail today after police arrested him for a hit and run, death resulting.

Chris Soules made his first appearance in court on Tuesday after he was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident that left a 66-year-old man dead. By now, most Bachelor fans have heard about Prince Farming’s arrest. If he’s found guilty, he could end up in prison for up to five years.

Chris is still being held in jail. He is pictured in prison garb in his court pic above. In his mugshot (below), Chris looks like he didn’t get much sleep last night.

He has good reason to look stressed out. The 35-year-old Iowa native has a long rap sheet that includes alcohol-related charges. New reports have surfaced that indicate Soules had open containers of alcohol in his truck at the time of his arrest. His past arrest record may not help him with his current charges.

Chris Soules is innocent until proven guilty. However,  Reality Steve states that the hit-and-run charges “don’t look good” for The Bachelor star.

Let’s take a look at the charges filed against Chris and then we’ll address his past court record.

Chris Soules leaves the scene of fatal accident

Chris is accused of leaving the scene of an accident after allegedly rear-ending a tractor and killing the driver, Kenneth Mosher, 66. The arrest report provided by KWBE states that Soules “possessed alcoholic beverages/containers.” It’s not clear if he was intoxicated at the time of the accident. He is charged with a felony and made his first court appearance on Tuesday morning.

Soules has a long rap sheet

Chris Soules’ arrest record prior to Monday’s accident may come into play when prosecutors try his case. According to TMZ, he has “13 guilty pleas for an array of charges” including alcohol-related arrests. All of the charges took place before Chris appeared onThe Bachelorette (2014) andThe Bachelor (2015).

In 2006, Chris was found guilty of a DUI. He was fined $500 and served one year of probation. Prior to that, he pleaded guilty on a number of charges in Iowa. These charges include underage possession of alcohol, failure to maintain control of a vehicle, multiple speeding and traffic violations, and driving with open alcohol containers.

Chris Soules was released from jail on Tuesday afternoon on $10,000 bail.

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