‘Dancing With The Stars’ Week 6: Is Nick Viall In Jeopardy Again This Week?


Even if Nick Viall gets a perfect score on Dancing with the Stars tonight, he is still one of three celebrities facing elimination.

The Bachelor star Nick Viall made it to the sixth week of competition on Dancing with the Stars, but his luck could run out at the end of tonight’s show. His Pinocchio routine earned him his best scores of the season last week, so there’s still hope. However, without enough votes from fans could lead to Nick’s elimination on Monday night.

UPDATE: Find out who went home tonight below. (Spoiler Alert!)

There’s one thing we know for sure. Nick is going shirtless tonight during a team dance with Rashad, Bonner, and David. Will the half-dressed performance up his score? Maybe. But considering he did fairly well (34/40) dressed up like a man-child last week, stripping down may not give him an edge. And die-hard fans know that it’s his scores/votes from last week that will secure him a spot next week, so baring his chest may be all for naught.

Nick’s going to have fun, fun, fun ’til he goes home

Nick’s coming off his best week ever. Disney Night gave him a boost of confidence that he needed despite the silly costume and his clean-shaven face. Hopefully, he’ll have most of his beard back this week. Then again, maybe sporting a baby face brought him good luck.

According to ABC, Nick and Peta will dance a Jazz routine to the Beach Boy’s classic, “Fun, Fun, Fun.” Their scores will be combined with the scores from the Team Boy Band dance. A high score will give him the edge next, but only if Tom Bergeron tells him he’s safe.

Who’s going home on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ tonight?

Last week, MLB star David Ross received the lowest total score of the night (29/40). Bonner Bolton didn’t do much better, scoring a 30/40 for his Wreck it Ralph Tango with Sharna Burgess. Rashad Jennings rounded out the bottom three (32) but been a superstar all season, so he’s expected to stick around awhile.

Fans can expect to see David in jeopardy tonight. Or at least that’s what the rumors are. Bonner? That’s a big maybe. Sharna is really popular with fans and who doesn’t like a hot cowboy. As far as Nick Viall goes, time will tell if his fans came through with the votes he needs to move on to Week 7.

Watch Dancing with the Stars at  8 p.m. ET tonight and find out which couple will dance their last dance.

UPDATE: Nick Viall is moving on to Week 7! Host Tom Bergeron announced during the show that all of the guys on Team Boy Band were safe for another week. However, the girls were all in jeopardy, leading many to believe that Nancy Kerrigan would be going home.

In a shocking last-minute announcement, Heather and Maks were eliminated. Proof positive that getting a perfect score doesn’t mean you’re safe from elimination on ‘DWTS’!

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