‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay Picks Final 4 Guys: There’s A Big Twist For Hometown Dates


The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay has picked her final four guys but she won’t be traveling to all four hometowns. Say, what?

Rachel Lindsay has traveled around the world to find love and now she’s back in the U.S. filming the hometown dates episode. It’s an important week for not only The Bachelorette but the four guys who made it through weeks of rose ceremonies. This season, producers are changing things up for the hometown dates but there’s one thing we know for sure — one guy is about to get his heart broken.

After some rather non-traditional hometowns, Rachel will pick the three guys who will head to the Fantasy Suite for some wine, cheese, and pleasant conversation. Here’s what we know so far about final weeks of filming.

Rachel’s hometown dates

Every season, theBachelorette star visits the hometowns of the final four contestants. They meet the families, go on a date, and await their fate at the rose ceremony.

According to Reality Steve, filming for hometowns will be different from past seasons. He’s not sure what the change is (yet) but there is speculation that the guys’ families will visit Rachel’s hometown of Dallas, Texas. Interesting. 

Rachel’s overnight dates and final rose ceremony

Once filming for the hometown dates wraps up later this weekend or early next week. Rachel and her final three guys will jet off to points unknown to tape the overnight dates and the finale.

So far, Rachel has traveled to several locations in the U.S., and, most recently, Norway, Denmark, and Switzerland. Where the Fantasy Suite dates and final rose ceremony will be filmed is still a bit of a mystery.

It won’t be long before Reality Steve uses his magic powers and finds out where Rachel is headed after hometowns.  But quite honestly, does it matter? As long as it’s a romantic location and there’s lots of man-crying, who cares?

Clear your calendar now. Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette begins on May 22 ay 8 p.m. on ABC. And there’s more good news! ABC has confirmed Bachelor in Paradise will be back for Season 4 on August 8 — get the details here.