‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Rachel Lindsay Caught Kissing On Romantic One-On-One Date

Rachel Lindsay has been embracing her role on The Bachelorette and isn’t holding back when it comes to finding a connection. After a week of filming, Rachel revealed on Ellen that she had already kissed two men and now she’s been caught kissing another.

During a one-on-one date in South Carolina, Rachel and her suitor were dancing surrounded by the public. Of course, Bachelorette fans flooded social media with pictures from the couple’s date!

Rachel And Dean’s Romantic Country Concert

When you’re in the south you have to listen to country music – and that’s exactly what Rachel did, along with her date. Dean, who we met live during the Bachelor finale, seems to have good chemistry with Rachel.

The two appeared to be having a great time together, really enjoying each other’s company — and each other’s lips!

Surrounded by a sea of Bachelorette fans and good music, Rachel and Dean shared a kiss under the night sky.

For those of us who simply can’t wait until the May 22 premiere, there are ton of pictures from Rachel’s romantic night out with Dean, from their grand entrance to their goodbyes.

What’s Next For Rachel Lindsay?

Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss hasn’t been sharing too much recently with us. Rachel is going into filming week four of her season – each Bachelor week is half of a real week.

What we know for now is they crew has left California and has taken over South Carolina. And after this week’s dates, they will be off to their next undisclosed location. Thankfully, social media has us covered!

Other than her one-on-one in Bluffton, we don’t know much more about Rachel’s journey right now. Stay here at

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[Image by Michael Yada/ABC]