‘Bachelorette’: Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Rachel Lindsay Shared By Producer Mike Fleiss


After coming off a ‘Bachelor’ high, we are all eagerly awaiting the next journey for love, and although we have to wait a while, ‘Bachelorette’ creator Mike Fleiss is giving us some awesome teasers to get us geared up for Rachel’s season of the popular dating show.

Not long ago, Rachel Lindsay was announced as the next Bachelorette and has already begun her journey to find love! Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss is giving fans a whole lot of behind-the-scenes footage to hold us all over until the season premiere.

It appears the filming started on March 16th, which is when Fleiss started tweeting pictures of Rachel all dolled up, ready to meet her men.

After he shared the picture of Rachel, Fleiss shared some things we don’t normally get to see, like the control rooms. He also shared a picture of Rachel Lindsay in her night one dress!

Some Of Rachel Lindsay’s Suitors Seen In BTS Pictures

Fleiss also posted a pic of some of Rachel Lindsay’s suitors hanging out at the first cocktail party. It’s interesting to see what goes on through a photograph instead of through the lens of a video camera, isn’t it? Look closely — see any potential cuties?

The pictures show a diverse range of guys, which is already leaps and bounds ahead of the previous seasons. It will be nice to see how Rachel gets along with all of the men and how the first episode goes.

We also get to see Rachel exiting a private plane with a cute pooch. Where they are and what they’re doing will remain a mystery for a little while longer.

Unfortunately, for the mean time, these sneak peeks from Fleiss are going to have to quench our Bachelorette thirst because we still have two whole months until the new season airs!

It’s really cool that Fleiss is sharing these images from filming so he is able to keep people interested while giving them a little taste of what’s to come!

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[Image by Randy Holmes/ABC]