All the other ‘Bachelor’ women are behind the new ‘Bachelorette’ star


After living together and getting to know each other, it seems Rachel Lindsay’s ‘Bachelor’ competitors are excited for her to make her ‘Bachelorette’ debut.

On Monday’s The Bachelor: Women Tell All, a lot of the women who were eliminated on the current season of the The Bachelor were with host Chris Harrison to answer questions. At the end of the show, Rachel was brought out and introduced as the next Bachelorette.

Rachel was put in the hot-seat, and asked questions about the journey she is about to embark on. Of course her being the first black Bachelor/ette was a topic of conversation. She said she is excited to be in the position she is, but doesn’t want the focus of her season to be on the newfound franchise diversity.

With her background in law, she articulates herself in a very polite way. She doesn’t seem like the type to fly off the handle very easily. It will be nice to see different emotions from Rachel during her time as the Bachelorette.

During Women Tell All the rest of Rachel’s competitors remained on the stage with her. By the end of the interview she got a standing ovation from the women. She seemed to be well-liked during her time in the Bachelor mansion, and with this announcement, it’s clear all the women are behind her.

Although her segment wasn’t the focus of the show, it was nice to hear from her after she was eliminated earlier on The Bachelor. Her breakup with Nick was emotional, but with the prospect of 30 guys vying for her love, I think she’s doing okay.

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Now we just have to wait two and a half months to see Rachel debut as the Bachelorette. The show begins airing on May 22, on ABC.