Ellen Degeneres predicts the winner of ‘The Bachelor’

Credit: EllenTube
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In an interview with Nick Viall on the Ellen Degeneres show, the two chatted about all things ‘The Bachelor,’ including who might win love at the end.

During Nick Viall’s time on the Ellen Degeneres show, they talked about everything, from the next Bachelorette, to who might be the winner of the season along side Viall.

In the discussion about who is the winner of this season, Ellen had an interesting theory on who wins. She stated that Corinne Olympios will be the winner, using supporting evidence that she wasn’t chosen as the Bachelorette.

This is a very interesting theory to think about. Olympios has been a bit of a wild card, doing things that are a bit unconventional during her time on The Bachelor. Viall deciding to keep her around as long as he has, has also prompted a lot of questions.

Ellen’s theory leans on the fact that Nick has decided to keep Corinne around as long as he has. This is something we’ve all wondered about, but Ellen just said what we were all thinking.

If you want to see the whole interview, the video is below.

When all those theories are considered, it doesn’t seem too far fetched. With a wild and crazy personality, Olympios would certainly be a very entertaining bachelorette. However, she is still very young, and perhaps producers think she isn’t mature enough to succeed in this role.

The season is still running, and Olympios has made it into the final five women. And because of the recently announced Bachelorette, we know she makes it to the top four.

Now we’ll have to wait a couple weeks to see if Degeneres is right, but with the other women remaining, it would be shocking to see Olympios win Viall’s heart.